Showing Volunteer Impact


As a volunteer manager, you make a difference.  Your volunteers manage a difference, too.  Why don't people notice this?

Improving how we communicate our volunteer impact can make a difference to your volunteers (in quantity and quality), impact your organization and increase your job satisfaction.  This workshop will talk about data: what you have, what you need and what others can provide (for free!) to communicate your volunteer impact.  We will address the wide variety of audiences important to volunteer managers -- whether the audiences know it or not.  This is a great workshop whether new to the field, or those who feel like they already know it all, but no one else does. 


Linked In: Grow Your Own Professional Network While Expanding Your Nonprofit's Reach and Reputation


LinkedIn is an online network of professional relationships used to present yourself and your qualifications, grow your network and connect with new nonprofit opportunities.  Since the time Microsoft purchased Linked In in 2016, the social media digital tool (and associated capabilities) has offered new ways to connect and communicate.  In this hour-long workshop you will learn to create a compelling profile of your capabilities and accomplishments and grow your nonprofit's professional reach and reputation.