Volunteer Leadership: Turning Volunteers Into Donors - November 2, 2017 (Webinar)


So which comes first-the volunteers or the donors? Did you know that 42 percent of donors first volunteered before they gave to an organization?  An average volunteer is FOUR TIMES as likely to donate as someone who doesn't volunteer and they typically give TEN TIMES as much!  So, some of your best donor sources may already be invested in your organization by giving you that other gift…time.  What's the risk  to ask the givers of time for money, too?  It depends. We will talk about setting your volunteer program on the path of asking for it all:  time, treasure and money.  This is a great webinar Volunteer Managers and Development Directors.                                           

Location:  Webinar!

Presenter:  Susan Sanow, Special Projects Manager, Volunteer Fairfax  

Who should attend: Volunteer managers, coordinators and team leaders!

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