Volunteer Management Boot Camp 101 LITE - WEBINAR - November 28, 2017


Volunteer Management Boot Camp 101 LITE - WEBINAR!


Tuesday, November 28, 2017 from 9 am - 10:30 am

Sharpen your volunteer management skills at Volunteer Management Boot Camp 101 Lite, now offered at your own computer as a webinar!  This training is similar to our popular in-person workshop, but we'll cover the basis of the volunteer management in half the time.  This webinar will include program planning, recruitment and supervision, but will not include the usual activities that support of the learning concepts of the 3-hour workshop. 

Come learn the basics of volunteer program planning, recruitment and supervision.  Whether new to volunteer management or are just in need of a basics refresher, this opportunity is for you. 

People who complete this workshop can attend a live 3-hour Volunteer Management Boot Camp or the Advanced Volunteer Management Boot Camp.

Susan Sanow, Special Projects Manager for Volunteer Fairfax, will lead this 90-minute workshop. 

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Volunteer Fairfax Boot Camp Fee Structure

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*Organizations that qualify for a small non-profit are all volunteer-based or have 1-2 paid staff members and have an annual operating budget of less than $100K per year. Only applicable for the Advanced Volunteer Management Boot Camp 201 Training.

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Showing Volunteer Impact


As a volunteer manager, you make a difference.  Your volunteers manage a difference, too.  Why don't people notice this?

Improving how we communicate our volunteer impact can make a difference to your volunteers (in quantity and quality), impact your organization and increase your job satisfaction.  This workshop will talk about data: what you have, what you need and what others can provide (for free!) to communicate your volunteer impact.  We will address the wide variety of audiences important to volunteer managers -- whether the audiences know it or not.  This is a great workshop whether new to the field, or those who feel like they already know it all, but no one else does. 


Secrets to a Successful Meeting


Whether working with boards or committees, any meeting should be a well-planned meeting.  I can move your work forward with vision, cohesive decisions and supportive good governance.  This workshop will address that needs to be done before, during and after your next meeting.  We will address common challenges face at board meetings, committee meetings and staff meetings, and strategies to focus on now and actions to avoid in the future.