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Ready to get involved? To get started on the way to making a difference in your community, please create a profile and complete the fields below. Once you are finished, you will be able to sign-up for volunteer opportunities, as well as register for Volunteer Fairfax's signature events, such as “Give Together: a Family Volunteer Day,” VolunteerFest or the Fairfax County Volunteer Service Awards. Before you can get started you will need to read and sign off on the waiver of liability. Volunteer Fairfax works with over 900 nonprofit and public agencies who serve vulnerable populations. This waiver makes you aware of our efforts to secure your safety, as well as those that you will be serving.
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Welcome! It's time to get your profile created. The information you will provide below will assist in ongoing communication, accurate referrals, connections to needs in the community, and awareness of the impact you and thousands like you will have on the community through the use of this website.You may complete this profile in one or multiple sittings, just be sure to click submit when exiting the profile.Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.In order to provide you with the most efficient service, please fill out as much information as possible. This will assist Volunteer Fairfax in finding you the best opportunity to fit your needs.To use our new Skills Bank and Matching service you will need to complete the Skills Info section and mark “yes” for receiving emails for skills matching.Please note: Volunteer Fairfax does not sell or share personal information with third parties.We look forward to help you connect with the community through volunteering!
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