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Adapted Aquatics Assistant: Lee District Saturday
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Volunteers will get in the pool and provide support and encouragement to swimmers who are training to compete in Special Olympics swim competition. Volunteers will be under the direct supervision of an instructor and assist in providing instruction to children, teens, and young adults with disabilitiesfor lapswimming and other fun water activities! Purpose: To create a comfortable learning environment for students with a physical and/or intellectual disability allowing students a positive experience in which safety is the primary concern for all participants. Duties: Work closely (this will require getting wet!) with one or two students during class under the guidance of an Adapted Aquatics Instructor. Help to set goals for the participants who are working on swimming skills or water adjustment skills. Assist instructor with administrative duties and light lifting. Benefits: Free RECenter facility use: *Park Services and *Resource Management volunteers who maintain an average of four hours of service per week or three weekly classes per class session as an Adapted Aquatics assistant, can use ANY RECenter's general facilities free of charge. Free RECenter classes: *Park Service and *Resource Management volunteers who have served a minimum of 32 hours and maintain an average of eight hours of service per week, or volunteer as an Adapted Aquatics assistant for four weekly classes, per class session are eligible to take one free FCPA Parktakes class per session on a space available basis. Family Discount Pass: All FCPA volunteers are entitled to purchase a 25-visit pass for their family use to any RECenter at a special county employee rate. Ten Percent Merchandise Discount: *Park Service, *Resource Management and *Golf volunteers who serve four or more hours each month are entitled to a 10% merchandise discount, some exclusions apply. Fairfax County Credit Union Membership: Any active FCPA volunteer is entitled to free credit union membership. Hours of Operation: 2:00-4:00pm
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Time of Shift: 2:00pm-4:00pm.