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CERT 128 at Ft. Belvoir
Project Description
August 17, 24, 31; September 7, 14, 21, 28; October 5; Final Exercise TBD. CERT Basic training class on Fort Belvoir Thursday evenings 1830 2200 hours at the Motorcycle Safety Center. Students are required to attend all eight (8) class sessions, and the final. This class is scheduled primarily for Fort Belvoir residents and employees, and military retirees who have authorized ID card access to Fort Belvoir. Additionally, arrangements can be made for access for others with a background check. This CERT Basic training follows the FEMA curriculum, and is tailored to address potential local disasters and hazards. The instruction is adapted to conform to Fairfax County and Fort Belvoir emergency preparedness and response protocols and procedures. The training consists of a combination of lectures followed by hands-on demonstrations and drills to develop the students' skills in the areas of emergency preparedness, fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. The Lead Instructor will provide prospective students with class preparation information and a class schedule (syllabus) at least one week prior to the first class meeting. The text and study guide (Participants Manual) will be issued at the first meeting. Students are also provide basic personal protective equipment for the training that they may retain upon completion of the course. This training does not require any physical strength or agility.
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Ft. Belvoir
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